Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Mountain

I've come this far.  Now what...

The mountain there before me,

for it is not the end.
He hasn't told me yet to stop,
therefore shall I ascend.
Looking forward to the
elevations and the views...
looking forward to the life
and all the vibrant hues!

The mountain yet before me-

I do not know its height.
Its Maker knows, however, and
in Him do I delight!
I trust Him to escort me every
step along the way;
I depend on Him each step,
for He's my very stay!

The mountain and its person

are very known to God!
He would move it if He thought
that my strength couldn't trod!
Yet it is still before me,
thus, onward, do I go;
secure inside His very hand-
a place so well I know!

Does that mountain before you seem insurmountable?  Tell it to God.

Does that doctor's report seem hopeless?  God knew what it would say before you even went through the test!  Tell Him how you feel!
Does that letter from the bank scare you?  Tell it to the One Who owns everything!
God will either move the mountain, or He will escort you up and over it!  (And don't forget to enjoy the view when He does!)

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