Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The days go on...

The days continue.
God's faithfulness continues.
His work continues.
I was in a place this afternoon that afforded me the opportunity to attest to the fact that, in spite of the days that are, there is plenty of good that is happening, and we have plenty of opportunity to be a part of that good.

In the right place once again-

just by happenstance?
No.  For God knew that appointment
without second glance!
He knew just what that person needed
and chose what I said.
How very blessed are all of them
that would be Spirit-led!

Do you have such appointments

somewhere about your day?
You do if you avail yourself
before you go your way.
Just seek those opportunities
and tell Him you will yield.
I promise those 'Divine appointments'
will not be concealed!

God's work takes all forms.  Some is quite blatant, some is quite subtle.  All of it,
however, accomplishes HIS purposes.
Avail yourself as the days go on!

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