Thursday, August 4, 2016

That blessed Escape!

When life encroaches and it feels like it's too much.  Such is very real, but I know what to do...

In the Presence of my Jesus-
there receiving strength.
The days, they are so different and
they vary so in length!
But He is here, providing rest,
regardless of the days!
He smiles at me, embracing me,
as He receives my praise.

Jesus--my escape from all
the trials and the stress...
Jesus--my resort--because
I know that He will bless!
Jesus--my panacea--
oh, that healing balm...
Jesus, Jesus...only Jesus--
bringing perfect calm!

In the Presence of my Jesus--
leave me here awhile.
Every facet of my being
will He reconcile.
I shall return with strength anew
and such fresh resolve!
Jesus, Jesus--only Jesus--
this life will He solve!

There are those times in life when only time alone with Jesus will suffice.  Have you been there?  It is a beautiful place to go when this life attempts to overtake.
Meet Him there!

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