Friday, August 5, 2016


How wonderful it is to go through this life KNOWING that, whatever we go through, there is Someone stronger than we to accompany us!  Of course I depend on Jesus...but we've had to cling to Him all the more this past week!

"Jesus, Jesus, o my Strength
and sustenance always!
You are the very One I need
regardless of the days!
You are the One to Whom I cling
while in the valley low...
You are the One to Whom I sing
when life is "to-and-fro!"

Jesus, Jesus, and no other-
great is Your embrace!
I can go through anything, Lord,
due Your wondrous grace!
Even as I lose someone
I've loved for many years
Your arms are tight around me to
alleviate all fears!

Jesus, Jesus--wonderful!
And we shall meet once more
when I join You at that calling
on that Golden Shore!
My loved ones all shall be there, too,
and we shall celebrate
the strength of Great and Mighty God--
so good and o so great!"

Have you the same assurance as I as you go through the days that are?  You can!  Jesus ask Jesus into Your heart and start living for Him!  You will become stronger for it, and able to endure the times that we are in!

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