Sunday, August 14, 2016


In company of God once again.  Receiving the orders for the day.
"But God, that doesn't 'feel' good..."
"But God, the people don't want to hear that!!"
"But God, ________________!"...

I am a servant of Him.  I must

do as I am told.
I have instructions for each day,
some of which quite bold!
Some make me uncomfortable
amongst the ones so near...
some make me unpopular
when I've said what they hear.

But, nonetheless, I serve HIM,

and do as I am told.
Sometimes, I edify my brother,
other times, I scold.
I do so at all times however
at the Lord's command!
Therefore, in HIS integrity
so firmly may I stand.

Though some of my instructions are not very pleasant, I know that His outcome will be accomplished, and that causes perfect peace to guard my heart.

How good are you at following instructions?  GOD'S instructions?!

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