Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More signs

The way things are today, we must be all the more vigilant in watching out for one another AND ourselves.  There is an enemy that hates us.

A wicked world we live in
as long as we are here.
There will not be perfection until
Heaven becomes clear!
But we are blessed to know The One
Who is Perfection true,
and glimpses of His bliss be ours
all our living through!

We are exposed to villainy
but all throughout the day.
We are protected by His Grace
upon the Narrow Way.
The liars and deceivers poise
at almost every turn--
BUT GOD, He is available!
Do not, His offer, spurn!

The Internet...the telephone...
even in the mail...
the enemy is hard at work
but he is going to fail!
For we are children of The King,
and must press on despite,
press on unto that Day ahead
when, with Him, we'll delight!!

So rife and rampant and the scams and schemes of the enemy!  Stay close to God and rooted in His Word!!  He told us that the world would be like this, but He also gave us Himself to draw from through it all.

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