Saturday, August 20, 2016

In the days...

So very abundant are God's touches upon this day.  Does that mean everything is going perfect?  Not at all.  It simply means that He is right there with us through it all.

How wonderful, His Presence,
so visible and real!
In His Presence you can rest,
you can restore and heal!
He is understanding--He knows
all about all things;
He is loving, He is giving,
over you He sings!
O He is restoration as
this life continues on.
He is All-sufficient until
this old world is gone!
And then He is all everything
eternity will need!
He is Jesus at all times-
His Presence guaranteed!

Jesus--all throughout the day...
Jesus--the Truth, the Life, the Way...
Jesus--Omnipresent One...
"Jesus Christ--Your will be done!"

No matter how your day may be going, there is ALWAYS time to focus, look around and see proof of His Presence, and turn it all over to Him.  I promise you, He can run it better than we can!

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