Sunday, August 7, 2016

God. Good!

God is so good!
Even when life is not so good to us, God remains good!
Even when we are on top of the mountain, God remains good.
Nothing of this life can determine the goodness of God.  It is His nature.

"O Father, when we're in the valley,
You are with us there.
You are God and You are good,
oh Father, everywhere!
No thing at all do we go through
of which You're not aware;
we have security in knowing,
Lord, Your perfect care!

And even on the mountaintop
with cause to celebrate,
You are with us in that place
You never fluctuate!
Your laughter and Your smiles draw us
even closer yet!
Calling on You, O my God,
we never shall regret!!

And Father, in the 'everyday'
that this life is the most,
You are right there beside us and
we cling to You as Host!
Trusting You is second-nature
as You truly care.
O God, we are so blessed to have You
in our 'everywhere!'"

Yes, God is so good!
Situations are not always good, but God is.
The facts of earthly life are certainly not always good, but God is!
Trust Him to go with You through all that you are going through, and you will learn just how good God is. 
I promise you!

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