Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Gifts from mom

The events of late have caused my to reflect quite a bit on Heaven.  Losing one so very dear makes one do that.  Of course, those of us who have Jesus inside our hearts know that it is not "goodbye," but it is "See you later!"
And God is helping me through the process.  Today, He tells me to reflect upon all the "wonders" that mom so appreciated.
Simple wonders.

Hummingbirds so busy
with evening slow to come...
several deer down at the pond
drinking, grazing some...
mountains in the distance to
reflect the setting sun...
and grateful I, the chores of this day-
all of them are done.

The glory of the scenery
I take in as she would;
for we would sit for hours watching
each time that we could!
Praising God for His creation
every way we glance.
She's praising God right now as
before Him does she dance!

So wonderful--the wonders that
remind us of His love!
The evidences of His grace-
there are so many of!
And evidence of His great care
as we go through the days.
We do so with a song inside
and never-ending praise!

"Thank you, mom, for helping me learn the wonders of simplicity!"

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