Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Experiencing Him

As the evening becomes night, I reflect upon what happened.  Do you?  Was it "just another day?"
Not for me!

"So glorious, the day that You have made!

So fortunate am I to have obeyed!
You told me to get out this afternoon.
To see the wonder, You said "Do it soon!"

I am so fortunate, Lord, to behold
Your handiwork--so subtle and so bold!
For in the sky, so far away,
You had some awesome clouds upon display!

And in the sky now filling up with lights,
yet again You bring to us delights!
We glorify Your Name alone in praise
as Your majesty so fills our days!"

Did you see it?
Did you notice anything at all that God created during your busy day?  He is so creative and so very generous. 
Don't take His touch for granted.

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