Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Behold the glory colors-
one by one each shade...
with every moment passing,
a masterpiece is made!
Coloring creation
as not another can;
He makes it all by hand and then
His shares it all with man!

With the moments passing
the colorations fade...
not without His blessing
upon what He has made.
Take the time to see, o man,
the Father's glory touch!
In not another's handiwork
may you behold as much!

Tonight's sunset.  Quite memorable.  The way the trees and hillsides reflected the different shades of color as the evening progressed.  At one point, only the stately tree in the meadow afar was catching sunlight.  It was so lit up!!
Creator God creating.  Once again.  And He shared it with even me!

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