Sunday, August 28, 2016


He's coming soon!
Jesus Christ is coming back again!
Until that day, we must be in this world.  We do not, however, have to be OF this world!

I gaze into the sky so blue with glory!

I am minded of the Greatest Story!
Soon and very soon He will split those skies,
and eternity with Him we'll realize!
Yes, soon and very soon, we'll see our King!

Always and forever we will sing
of Him Who heals us and Who saves the soul-
the One and Only in complete control!

Until that day, though, we are in this place,
so filled with degradation and disgrace!
Involved in that which this world taunts as "living;"
unto it, though, we don't have to be giving!
We are afforded grace abundant here!
We must only call His Name and He is near,
near with strength and mercy to withstand,
right there in front, just reaching out His hand!

"EVEN SO COME QUICKLY!!" cries the soul

as it sees the blue just roll and roll...
"Jesus, Jesus Christ--our want and need,
come quickly, for we long so to be freed!"

Any day now.  Could even be tonight!   Are YOU ready?


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