Monday, August 8, 2016

Another heart issue

Celebrating even when things are going on that may not warrant celebration.
That is when you truly learn Who and What it is that you are celebrating.

"We are so very fortunate
to be secure in You.
You keep us and take care of us,
in spite of what we do!
Your care for us cannot be measured
in this current life,
as You are not affected by
the ecstasy or strife.

Regardless of the ups and downs, Lord,
You remain secure.
No matter what this world does
we KNOW that You endure!
You were, You are and You will be
so far beyond this place-
all the more, then, should we cry out
for Your saving grace!

No matter situation, Lord,
there be a song within.
You placed it there when You forgave me
of my wretched sin!
And I will sing that song unto
this world that You so love,
that they might want to celebrate
and look to You above!"

So much has happened here in the past few weeks.  Very painful things.  But, through it all, there yet remains an unshakeable joy so deep within!  It comes from having a secure relationship with Jesus Christ!
Can you have joy through what you are going through?

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