Friday, August 19, 2016

Another Day

Another day of rain.
Another day of storms.
Another day of drought.
For each of us, it is another day.  What are we going to do?
It's all perspective.

Another day of living-
o what a precious gift!
Another opportunity
to give someone a lift.
Another chance to see our Father
move as He so wills!
O seek His love and everything
that His great touch instills!

Another day of living
and different for us each-
but each of us have opportune
somebody else to reach!
We learn it from a Father Who
has motives based on love;
we learn it when we ask for it
from His great throne above!

One more day of living,
and so much more to learn!
O let us strive to be more like Him
before His return!
He comes at any moment
throughout the busy day-
regardless of the elements
along the Narrow Way!

Don't let anything or anyone prevent you from doing good to one another today.  Not even the weather!

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