Wednesday, August 24, 2016


That season again.
That wonderful privilege we have as Americans to have elections.  I've heard some say that "nothing ever gets done until someone gets angry enough to do it."  Some campaigns are certainly majoring in that!
But why must it be that way?

"O God, please make me angry

at that which angers you.
I must get angry without sinning
says Your Word so true!
Once again I find myself
in such an angry place,
but I don't have to let it rule me
due abundant grace!
And Lord, there are some near me
far angrier than I!
be their incessant cry.
Will ever be the day when such
has benefits instead?
Or must we wait 'til Your return,
when, by You, all are led?

Will there be change and action
without the anger known?
Not until the heart is changed,
desiring You alone!
O lead us to put YOUR desires
far beyond our own.
For only then, Lord, may we say
that we have truly grown."

Politics as usual?  Perhaps.  But it doesn't have to drive us to indignation.  We can be above that and still affect change.  That requires God, humility and much prayer!


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