Saturday, August 13, 2016


How beautiful, the coastline,
how glorious the view!
How awesome is the morning
with its each wondrous hue!
It's here that I meet Jesus for
our special time today-
in His so grand creation.
He's the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Right here, the perfect station to
afford the greatest view,
I sit with Him in conversation
for today's review;
I tell Him all that needs to be,
(already does He know!)
He says "Now lay that list aside,
relax and just let go!"

So early on the coastline,
God in full control.
I savor His creation
as He explains my role.
I leave this place with clarity
and excitement for the day;
assurance that comes only from
The Truth, The life, The Way!

How fortunate, how blessed to be able to discuss the day with its Creator and KNOW that He will be there beside you for every step of it! 
Do YOU have that assurance?  You can.  You need to!  Just call His Name first thing and ask Him to come talk to you. 
His Name is JESUS, and He is just waiting to hear your voice!

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