Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Peace to you

It is so easy for me to sit here and write "Fear not...," while there are close friends on both coasts that are bracing for hurricanes.  What do I write to them?  What can I possibly say that might minister to them?  Only what HE tells me to...

I know One Who is greater than

the storm will ever be.
At His word, the waves calm and
He walks upon the sea!
His hand, it covers me until
the storms have all passed by.
I may lose what I have in this life,
but I will not die!
His Blood--it guarantees me life
that does not have an end!
He lets me call Him "Master," "Savior,"
and He calls me "friend!"
He doesn't give me all the answers,
but He gives me peace;
the same, for it enables me to,
all my fears, release!

His Name is Jesus!  He is greater

far than any storm!
Give your heart unto Him and,
such peace, in you, will form!
He is that Peace.  He will protect you
as the days progress.
Trust in Him.  Believe in Him.
Your life He'll truly bless!

Sure, it's easy for me to sit here in the calm and write this.  But I have been on that island with hurricane warnings going on, and I've been through tornadoes when walls are disappearing!  In both cases, Jesus was there with us and His peace and Presence got us through.

Please join me in praying for those people affected by these hurricanes.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Experiencing Him

As the evening becomes night, I reflect upon what happened.  Do you?  Was it "just another day?"
Not for me!

"So glorious, the day that You have made!

So fortunate am I to have obeyed!
You told me to get out this afternoon.
To see the wonder, You said "Do it soon!"

I am so fortunate, Lord, to behold
Your handiwork--so subtle and so bold!
For in the sky, so far away,
You had some awesome clouds upon display!

And in the sky now filling up with lights,
yet again You bring to us delights!
We glorify Your Name alone in praise
as Your majesty so fills our days!"

Did you see it?
Did you notice anything at all that God created during your busy day?  He is so creative and so very generous. 
Don't take His touch for granted.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


He's coming soon!
Jesus Christ is coming back again!
Until that day, we must be in this world.  We do not, however, have to be OF this world!

I gaze into the sky so blue with glory!

I am minded of the Greatest Story!
Soon and very soon He will split those skies,
and eternity with Him we'll realize!
Yes, soon and very soon, we'll see our King!

Always and forever we will sing
of Him Who heals us and Who saves the soul-
the One and Only in complete control!

Until that day, though, we are in this place,
so filled with degradation and disgrace!
Involved in that which this world taunts as "living;"
unto it, though, we don't have to be giving!
We are afforded grace abundant here!
We must only call His Name and He is near,
near with strength and mercy to withstand,
right there in front, just reaching out His hand!

"EVEN SO COME QUICKLY!!" cries the soul

as it sees the blue just roll and roll...
"Jesus, Jesus Christ--our want and need,
come quickly, for we long so to be freed!"

Any day now.  Could even be tonight!   Are YOU ready?


Friday, August 26, 2016


Here they come.  Just above the tree line...over there...then over there...then up there...
Nightfall.  One-by-one, the stars and planets appear.
God is so good!

Day is done and, once again,
I meet with mighty God.
I watch as His creation fades,
I weep as I applaud!
He's here to meet me in the glory
of the fading day,
yet, even as creation fades,
His grace be on display!
So beautiful--the planets and
the stars that come to light;
so wonderful--the constellations--
guardians of night!
So fascinating God is even
in the darkness come!
So entertaining be the soundtrack--
sounds so premium!

Day is done.  And what a special

time to spend with God!
He makes again a masterpiece
of this most humble sod!
Causing restoration by
His touch--so many ways!
All I can do is listen to Him
and return my praise!

Each one of us has probably had a hectic day.  Do we just clock out, go home and veg-out?  I hope not!  Take a little time to spend with God and see Him move.  See Him move in your life.  It could be the best time you spend all day!


Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Sight of Faithfulness

Tapping the well once more.
Depending on Him to supply.
Knowing that just a few paragraphs from now there will be a message that is beneficial to myself and others.
That's how faithful God is!

Summer in the evening-
just look across the lake!
Busy be the waters now
as labor takes a break.
Yet beautiful to still remain
the vision of it all!
In the evening of the day
the Name of God I call.
Faithfully He comes to me,
(though He was never gone!)
We talk about the things We see-
the sights go on and on!
The rocky cliffs around the lake...
the verdant, rolling hills...
the rays on the horizon yet--
what glory He instills!

Summer in the evening
amidst His great creation!
So very fortunate, this man,
to have God as relation!
Converse does He about all things
that my life shall behold;
returning gratitude am I
for His creation bold!

Wherever you are, take a few moments to look around and find His touch.  Don't forget to thank Him for sharing it with you!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


That season again.
That wonderful privilege we have as Americans to have elections.  I've heard some say that "nothing ever gets done until someone gets angry enough to do it."  Some campaigns are certainly majoring in that!
But why must it be that way?

"O God, please make me angry

at that which angers you.
I must get angry without sinning
says Your Word so true!
Once again I find myself
in such an angry place,
but I don't have to let it rule me
due abundant grace!
And Lord, there are some near me
far angrier than I!
be their incessant cry.
Will ever be the day when such
has benefits instead?
Or must we wait 'til Your return,
when, by You, all are led?

Will there be change and action
without the anger known?
Not until the heart is changed,
desiring You alone!
O lead us to put YOUR desires
far beyond our own.
For only then, Lord, may we say
that we have truly grown."

Politics as usual?  Perhaps.  But it doesn't have to drive us to indignation.  We can be above that and still affect change.  That requires God, humility and much prayer!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The days go on...

The days continue.
God's faithfulness continues.
His work continues.
I was in a place this afternoon that afforded me the opportunity to attest to the fact that, in spite of the days that are, there is plenty of good that is happening, and we have plenty of opportunity to be a part of that good.

In the right place once again-

just by happenstance?
No.  For God knew that appointment
without second glance!
He knew just what that person needed
and chose what I said.
How very blessed are all of them
that would be Spirit-led!

Do you have such appointments

somewhere about your day?
You do if you avail yourself
before you go your way.
Just seek those opportunities
and tell Him you will yield.
I promise those 'Divine appointments'
will not be concealed!

God's work takes all forms.  Some is quite blatant, some is quite subtle.  All of it,
however, accomplishes HIS purposes.
Avail yourself as the days go on!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Bad things

"In the days."
The last days.
Life continues happening.  Life contains good things and bad things.  Life continues to happen to good and bad people. 
How come?  Why can't all the bad stuff just happen to the bad people?
If that was the case, the good people would never learn to appreciate how good they have it. 
But bad things happen to good people. 
When they do, we turn to God.
When we turn to Him, He holds us until it doesn't hurt as bad.  And then He leaves us?  NEVER!!  He said "I will never leave you nor forsake you."
And when bad things happen to us, He also sends others to be with us and help us through it.
Is He there right with you now?
Is He trying to send you to someone else or trying to get you to call them?  Are you ignoring Him.  I know you can hear Him.  He will make sure of that!
If Holy Spirit has mentioned someone to your heart that He thinks you need to contact, listen to Him...AND ACT!  Don't let the enemy lie and say to you "Stay out of it!" or "Don't get involved!"  You'll all miss a blessing that way!
Yes, these are the last days.  Bad things are happening to good and bad people.  And, NEWSFLASH: It's going to get worse before it gets better.
Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.  Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.
There are good people all around going through bad things.  They are closer to you than you realize.  God has gifted you with something amazing to help them with: arms and ears.
Be there for them.  He will show you who they are.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

In the days...

So very abundant are God's touches upon this day.  Does that mean everything is going perfect?  Not at all.  It simply means that He is right there with us through it all.

How wonderful, His Presence,
so visible and real!
In His Presence you can rest,
you can restore and heal!
He is understanding--He knows
all about all things;
He is loving, He is giving,
over you He sings!
O He is restoration as
this life continues on.
He is All-sufficient until
this old world is gone!
And then He is all everything
eternity will need!
He is Jesus at all times-
His Presence guaranteed!

Jesus--all throughout the day...
Jesus--the Truth, the Life, the Way...
Jesus--Omnipresent One...
"Jesus Christ--Your will be done!"

No matter how your day may be going, there is ALWAYS time to focus, look around and see proof of His Presence, and turn it all over to Him.  I promise you, He can run it better than we can!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Another Day

Another day of rain.
Another day of storms.
Another day of drought.
For each of us, it is another day.  What are we going to do?
It's all perspective.

Another day of living-
o what a precious gift!
Another opportunity
to give someone a lift.
Another chance to see our Father
move as He so wills!
O seek His love and everything
that His great touch instills!

Another day of living
and different for us each-
but each of us have opportune
somebody else to reach!
We learn it from a Father Who
has motives based on love;
we learn it when we ask for it
from His great throne above!

One more day of living,
and so much more to learn!
O let us strive to be more like Him
before His return!
He comes at any moment
throughout the busy day-
regardless of the elements
along the Narrow Way!

Don't let anything or anyone prevent you from doing good to one another today.  Not even the weather!

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Being in customer service for forty years and in ministry for about 35, you learn a lot about people.  Even today, I can tell what kind of day a person is having when they look at me.  Sure, there are masks.  Sure, there are actors.  Sure, there are fronts.
The Holy Spirit has gifted me with the ability to know how to pray for someone after about a minute of talking with them.
Am I bragging?  Absolutely not!  That is for HIS glory!
A MAJORITY of people who share their heart with us are not looking for someone to necessarily help them or fix them, they only want someone to listen to them.
Have you got a minute?

Again, the line is endless.

My time with them is short!
Inside of that transaction I must
edify, exhort!
To put a smile on their faces
will I surely try,
but if I have no smile within,
say, what good am I?
Each of us have issues,
each have deep concerns.
To be minus this life's woes
but each of us so yearns!
But this man DOES have issues,
and I know they do too;
to try and lessen their day's load
is what I'm called to do!

Each of us have a purpose.

God can use us each.
He will show you what it is if,
His will, you beseech.
Do all you can with all you have
as long as you can do-
the world will be a better place...
but that is up to you.

Each and every one of us is in a place where we can affect someone--for better or for worse. 

Have you got a minute?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Behold the glory colors-
one by one each shade...
with every moment passing,
a masterpiece is made!
Coloring creation
as not another can;
He makes it all by hand and then
His shares it all with man!

With the moments passing
the colorations fade...
not without His blessing
upon what He has made.
Take the time to see, o man,
the Father's glory touch!
In not another's handiwork
may you behold as much!

Tonight's sunset.  Quite memorable.  The way the trees and hillsides reflected the different shades of color as the evening progressed.  At one point, only the stately tree in the meadow afar was catching sunlight.  It was so lit up!!
Creator God creating.  Once again.  And He shared it with even me!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More signs

The way things are today, we must be all the more vigilant in watching out for one another AND ourselves.  There is an enemy that hates us.

A wicked world we live in
as long as we are here.
There will not be perfection until
Heaven becomes clear!
But we are blessed to know The One
Who is Perfection true,
and glimpses of His bliss be ours
all our living through!

We are exposed to villainy
but all throughout the day.
We are protected by His Grace
upon the Narrow Way.
The liars and deceivers poise
at almost every turn--
BUT GOD, He is available!
Do not, His offer, spurn!

The Internet...the telephone...
even in the mail...
the enemy is hard at work
but he is going to fail!
For we are children of The King,
and must press on despite,
press on unto that Day ahead
when, with Him, we'll delight!!

So rife and rampant and the scams and schemes of the enemy!  Stay close to God and rooted in His Word!!  He told us that the world would be like this, but He also gave us Himself to draw from through it all.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Keep doing good!

When you are good to others, treat them as you would like to be treated, it is incredible the ways it is returned to you.

Another day of living-
of giving what I could.
Not always what I want to do,
but always what I should.
Sometimes, the recipient
is not aware at all;
at those times we must remember
this life is a call.

Another day of living-
life abundant, though!
Others may be unaware,
BUT GOD is wary though!
And ALL is for His glory
as we are pressing on.
Do all you can before the
opportunity is gone!

It hasn't been returned to you?  No.  It may not have been returned to you YET.  Don't give up.  Do not be weary in well-doing.  Somewhere, Someone is keeping track of it.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


In company of God once again.  Receiving the orders for the day.
"But God, that doesn't 'feel' good..."
"But God, the people don't want to hear that!!"
"But God, ________________!"...

I am a servant of Him.  I must

do as I am told.
I have instructions for each day,
some of which quite bold!
Some make me uncomfortable
amongst the ones so near...
some make me unpopular
when I've said what they hear.

But, nonetheless, I serve HIM,

and do as I am told.
Sometimes, I edify my brother,
other times, I scold.
I do so at all times however
at the Lord's command!
Therefore, in HIS integrity
so firmly may I stand.

Though some of my instructions are not very pleasant, I know that His outcome will be accomplished, and that causes perfect peace to guard my heart.

How good are you at following instructions?  GOD'S instructions?!

Saturday, August 13, 2016


How beautiful, the coastline,
how glorious the view!
How awesome is the morning
with its each wondrous hue!
It's here that I meet Jesus for
our special time today-
in His so grand creation.
He's the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Right here, the perfect station to
afford the greatest view,
I sit with Him in conversation
for today's review;
I tell Him all that needs to be,
(already does He know!)
He says "Now lay that list aside,
relax and just let go!"

So early on the coastline,
God in full control.
I savor His creation
as He explains my role.
I leave this place with clarity
and excitement for the day;
assurance that comes only from
The Truth, The life, The Way!

How fortunate, how blessed to be able to discuss the day with its Creator and KNOW that He will be there beside you for every step of it! 
Do YOU have that assurance?  You can.  You need to!  Just call His Name first thing and ask Him to come talk to you. 
His Name is JESUS, and He is just waiting to hear your voice!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Mountain

I've come this far.  Now what...

The mountain there before me,

for it is not the end.
He hasn't told me yet to stop,
therefore shall I ascend.
Looking forward to the
elevations and the views...
looking forward to the life
and all the vibrant hues!

The mountain yet before me-

I do not know its height.
Its Maker knows, however, and
in Him do I delight!
I trust Him to escort me every
step along the way;
I depend on Him each step,
for He's my very stay!

The mountain and its person

are very known to God!
He would move it if He thought
that my strength couldn't trod!
Yet it is still before me,
thus, onward, do I go;
secure inside His very hand-
a place so well I know!

Does that mountain before you seem insurmountable?  Tell it to God.

Does that doctor's report seem hopeless?  God knew what it would say before you even went through the test!  Tell Him how you feel!
Does that letter from the bank scare you?  Tell it to the One Who owns everything!
God will either move the mountain, or He will escort you up and over it!  (And don't forget to enjoy the view when He does!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Early ending

It's getting darker.
It's NOT getting any cooler yet!
However, as the clouds gather, I will not complain!

Across the valley of the afternoon,
shadows are developing...and soon!
Already are the deeds done for the day;
now is there time to watch creation play!

There is an argument up in that tree-
the squirrels and the birds, they disagree!
So entertaining be their exploits, though;
sit back and see just how the sparrings go.

And visible, the moving of His hand
in o so many ways upon the land!
So precious be such time this afternoon
with much of Father's evidences strewn!

Time to relax and spend time with God in His creation.  Time ALONE with God in His creation.  What a wonderful gift!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Another heart issue

Celebrating even when things are going on that may not warrant celebration.
That is when you truly learn Who and What it is that you are celebrating.

"We are so very fortunate
to be secure in You.
You keep us and take care of us,
in spite of what we do!
Your care for us cannot be measured
in this current life,
as You are not affected by
the ecstasy or strife.

Regardless of the ups and downs, Lord,
You remain secure.
No matter what this world does
we KNOW that You endure!
You were, You are and You will be
so far beyond this place-
all the more, then, should we cry out
for Your saving grace!

No matter situation, Lord,
there be a song within.
You placed it there when You forgave me
of my wretched sin!
And I will sing that song unto
this world that You so love,
that they might want to celebrate
and look to You above!"

So much has happened here in the past few weeks.  Very painful things.  But, through it all, there yet remains an unshakeable joy so deep within!  It comes from having a secure relationship with Jesus Christ!
Can you have joy through what you are going through?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

God. Good!

God is so good!
Even when life is not so good to us, God remains good!
Even when we are on top of the mountain, God remains good.
Nothing of this life can determine the goodness of God.  It is His nature.

"O Father, when we're in the valley,
You are with us there.
You are God and You are good,
oh Father, everywhere!
No thing at all do we go through
of which You're not aware;
we have security in knowing,
Lord, Your perfect care!

And even on the mountaintop
with cause to celebrate,
You are with us in that place
You never fluctuate!
Your laughter and Your smiles draw us
even closer yet!
Calling on You, O my God,
we never shall regret!!

And Father, in the 'everyday'
that this life is the most,
You are right there beside us and
we cling to You as Host!
Trusting You is second-nature
as You truly care.
O God, we are so blessed to have You
in our 'everywhere!'"

Yes, God is so good!
Situations are not always good, but God is.
The facts of earthly life are certainly not always good, but God is!
Trust Him to go with You through all that you are going through, and you will learn just how good God is. 
I promise you!

Friday, August 5, 2016


How wonderful it is to go through this life KNOWING that, whatever we go through, there is Someone stronger than we to accompany us!  Of course I depend on Jesus...but we've had to cling to Him all the more this past week!

"Jesus, Jesus, o my Strength
and sustenance always!
You are the very One I need
regardless of the days!
You are the One to Whom I cling
while in the valley low...
You are the One to Whom I sing
when life is "to-and-fro!"

Jesus, Jesus, and no other-
great is Your embrace!
I can go through anything, Lord,
due Your wondrous grace!
Even as I lose someone
I've loved for many years
Your arms are tight around me to
alleviate all fears!

Jesus, Jesus--wonderful!
And we shall meet once more
when I join You at that calling
on that Golden Shore!
My loved ones all shall be there, too,
and we shall celebrate
the strength of Great and Mighty God--
so good and o so great!"

Have you the same assurance as I as you go through the days that are?  You can!  Jesus ask Jesus into Your heart and start living for Him!  You will become stronger for it, and able to endure the times that we are in!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

That blessed Escape!

When life encroaches and it feels like it's too much.  Such is very real, but I know what to do...

In the Presence of my Jesus-
there receiving strength.
The days, they are so different and
they vary so in length!
But He is here, providing rest,
regardless of the days!
He smiles at me, embracing me,
as He receives my praise.

Jesus--my escape from all
the trials and the stress...
Jesus--my resort--because
I know that He will bless!
Jesus--my panacea--
oh, that healing balm...
Jesus, Jesus...only Jesus--
bringing perfect calm!

In the Presence of my Jesus--
leave me here awhile.
Every facet of my being
will He reconcile.
I shall return with strength anew
and such fresh resolve!
Jesus, Jesus--only Jesus--
this life will He solve!

There are those times in life when only time alone with Jesus will suffice.  Have you been there?  It is a beautiful place to go when this life attempts to overtake.
Meet Him there!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Gifts from mom

The events of late have caused my to reflect quite a bit on Heaven.  Losing one so very dear makes one do that.  Of course, those of us who have Jesus inside our hearts know that it is not "goodbye," but it is "See you later!"
And God is helping me through the process.  Today, He tells me to reflect upon all the "wonders" that mom so appreciated.
Simple wonders.

Hummingbirds so busy
with evening slow to come...
several deer down at the pond
drinking, grazing some...
mountains in the distance to
reflect the setting sun...
and grateful I, the chores of this day-
all of them are done.

The glory of the scenery
I take in as she would;
for we would sit for hours watching
each time that we could!
Praising God for His creation
every way we glance.
She's praising God right now as
before Him does she dance!

So wonderful--the wonders that
remind us of His love!
The evidences of His grace-
there are so many of!
And evidence of His great care
as we go through the days.
We do so with a song inside
and never-ending praise!

"Thank you, mom, for helping me learn the wonders of simplicity!"