Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The win-win!

Your day has been hectic...the trial does not appear to have an cannot see the light at the end and you want to run!
I've been there, and I know just the place to run to...

There is a sweet location
where trials can't approach;
there is a place where pain and
suffering cannot encroach;
it is availed at any time
at all throughout the day;
in fact, time as you and I know time-
it has not any sway!

That sweet location, that blessed place
is in the Presence of
Jesus Christ, God the Father-
there abides pure love!
There is lone escape from trials
and the pains of living-
He has exactly what you need,
and He is freely giving!

There are no works that warrant your
admittance to that Place,
for you must only call His Name-
He transports you by grace!
Peace and calm and comfort, yes,
and healing to each part!
O call on God!  He so desires
abode inside YOUR heart!

That wonderful escape--retreat from the cares of life.  Do the trials disappear?  Sometimes.  But He also gives you tools and training to face those trials while you are in His Presence.  Do the trials disappear then?  No, for then you can overcome them!!  It's a win-win with Him inside your heart!!

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