Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Storm Again

Thunderheads afar...the storm approaches.
Not much to do to prepare for it.  Already put away everything outside. 
Do I set around, therefore, and fret what might come of it?  NO!!  I pull a chair up and discuss the beauty of it forming with God Most High...

The rumble in the distance

from streaks so very brief...
the beauty of formations
almost beyond belief!
The glory of His handiwork
before the very eyes-
how many people take the time
to even recognize?

The danger of a thunderstorm,

namely in these parts.
It strikes a fear and dread inside
so very many hearts!
Oh, but there are others that
the storm would fascinate;
for when it is afar it be
a sight so very great!!

The sights and sounds of weather-

so beautiful, so scary!
Enjoy the sight of it with me,
while yet remaining wary!

Here it comes.  Say a prayer and do your best to press on.  And try to enjoy it!


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