Friday, July 1, 2016

The Secret Place

I've got to get to that secret place!
I must leave all of this behind for a moment and go to that place where I get restored!
I know Who waits there...

I've done what was assigned to me,

I went where I was told.
I know not what may come of it,
as people can be cold.
I know, however, that He's pleased
with what was said and done;
He meets me in that place and says
"Come.  Enter in, my son."

How wonderful, that secret place,

that temporary flight!
His Presence overwhelms me there,
and I take great delight!
We walk and talk together as
He gives to me that rest-
that which only He supplies-
it is the very best!

In the secret place

here receiving grace
here to be restored
by Jesus Christ, my Lord!

That secret place.  It is a very necessary location.  Yes, we are called to be salt and light where we are and where He calls us, but there is a place apart from that where He restores us.
Have you found that place yet?

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