Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Cost

Independence Day.
We owe so much to so many.  Independence is very expensive.  It was back then, it continues to be today.
Because we can be at liberty to celebrate with our friends and family, means that somebody, somewhere is away from their family, perhaps alone, and NOT celebrating...

Thank You for the ones that pay
a price that we cannot.
Someone, somewhere around the world
is in an unsafe spot.
They knew about the perils, yet
they signed up anyway;
the very least that we can do
for them is bow and pray!

While we look at the fireworks,
they may see mortar rounds...
while we listen to the show,
they hear more chilling sounds...
while we enjoy the freedom sounds,
they may be hearing screams...
the liberty that we enjoy
may only be their dreams.

"Lord, thank You for the ones who give,
for some of them give all
in being so obedient
unto this nation's call.
O bless them, rest them, bring them home
until ALL foes disarm;
and let them know how grateful we
that they have faced such harm!"

As we celebrate our freedom in the days that are, let us not forget to pray for those abroad seeing to it that we celebrate freely.  God bless them, protect them and bring them back home.

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