Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sweet memories

Cherishing the memories
to which I dearly cling.
The gamut of emotions are,
but, most of all, I sing!
I lost one very briefly, but
I know she does reside!
And as I think about her,
I am so filled with pride!
I am so proud to be her son
containing what she knew...
I am so glad she knew the Lord
and spoke about Him, too!
I am so wealthy due the wisdom
that she would dispense!
And I am secure that Jesus
has her recompense!
And wealthy all the more am I
as memories come flood!
No other such relationship
with any of my blood!
Photographs so beautiful
as God brings them to mind!
I shall treasure my sweet mom
with every breath I find!

As you know, we lost mom this week.  But how can I ever lose someone who dwells so securely in my heart?  I cannot.

It is not "Goodbye, mother." 
It is "See you later, momma!"

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