Friday, July 15, 2016

So many distractions!

Focus.  Again.
So many things in this life to STEAL our time and attention. 
Some blame the Internet.  Some blame social media.  Some blame TV.  Truth is, WE have free choice of what to spend that time doing.

Once more to repent.
So very far I went.
But Jesus found me there
with outstretched arms that care.

Jesus loving hand.
He says "I understand."
His eyes say so much more.
I know what I'm here for.

Once more to repent
and go where I am sent!
To go across the street-
that neighbor finally meet.
For he may have a need
for me to intercede.
If not, I'll make a friend
on whom I may depend.

Time is so valuable.  Let us be diligent in making sure that the time we are spending is making a difference in this world.

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