Saturday, July 2, 2016


That Secret Place.
So wonderful it is to escape there, but even more wonderful is His Presence there and the treasures He distributes...

"I declare Your mighty Name, oh Lord,
to any and to all!
So very wealthy be the ones
responding to Your Call!
Too many see Your treasures, though,
as tangible and rare,
but Lord, so very precious are
the very words You share!
You speak, Lord, as I come to You.
You call me out by name;
You walk with me and talk with me,
You set my heart aflame!
The wisdom that You share is more
than metals, more than jewels;
I can take the words You give
and turn them into tools!

I fear You with a wonder that
belongs to no one here.
Everything about You, Lord,
I value and revere!
I will declare Your Mighty Name
as long as I have breath!
And since You live inside my heart,
just once shall I know death!"

What precious, living promises!  Obtained in that Secret Place that only He creates.  It may be a different locale for each person, but you will know it when you find it, and God will be waiting for you there with that which only HE provides!

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