Sunday, July 10, 2016

Keep Praising Him!

The more that you worship and praise God, the more the enemy will try and defeat you.  Period.  The enemy is not really concerned with those who are not yet saved, as he already has those.  He's after God's possessions!

I do not understand again!
I need a place to vent.
I need You, Father God Most High,
as, through this, Lord, You went.
You see beyond this trial and
You know, Lord, its release;

I need Your strong embrace, oh Lord,
I need Your perfect peace!

I may not understand at all,
but, to You will I cling.
In spite of what has happened, Lord,
You are my Everything.
Your embrace--such comfort...
Your words--that healing balm;
I understand that, through this, I can
rest inside Your calm.

Though it be true that the enemy may be after you, DON'T GIVE UP!  I know it hurts....I know it's oppressive...I know it's confusing...but I also know God, and He is right there beside you!  EMBRACE HIM!!  He may not cause the trials to stop, but He will CERTAINLY escort you through them!

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