Monday, July 18, 2016

In HIS Service...

Serving the Lord.
Some people only see that as quitting everything and going to some destitute location far from home.  Not so.  There is so much service to be done right here.

I haven't seen my neighbor,

I hope that he's alright.
I might go and check on him,
but I don't see a light...

I haven't heard from Mr. Smith

in over a few weeks.
Has anybody checked on him?
Again, the Spirit speaks...

I saw my friend just yesterday

but he was in a hurry.
I wasn't brave enough to tell him
that, sometimes, I worry...

I find such joy when someone says

they're happy when we meet.
I must be sure to do the same
to make THEIR day complete.

In His Service.
There is so much to do for the Lord.  Many people are already doing it.  Many people are already doing it and not even knowing it!
How are you today?

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