Tuesday, July 5, 2016

He is!

The Lord...HE IS!
He is what?  He is my everything:

The Lord, He is my refuge,

and I'm a refugee.
I ask of Him asylum,
it is granted unto me.
A hiding place from this life,
a shelter from the storm;
His arms keep me secure and safe,
His love, it keeps me warm. 

The Lord, He is the Healer
of my ailing soul.
He reaches out with His sweet love
and makes my body whole.
A balm unto my every ache,
the Mender of my pain;
if it were not so real to me
then how could I explain?

The Lord, He's my Assurance,
and I'm a dying man.
He shows me life beyond my own 
as not another can;
with victory, eternally,
and peace beyond degree!
For treasures there have I that I,
with human eyes, can't see!

The Lord, He's my Salvation,

and I'm a sinner lost.
He offers me eternal life,
He fully paid the cost!
And it is offered unto you,
so priceless yet so free---
let it not be an offer that
you pass off carelessly.

And let Him be yours, as well!  He is ALL you will ever need.  He HAS all you will ever need.  He even supplies some of our wants. 

Call on Him.  Trust Him.  Enjoy Him.  JESUS THE LORD!!

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