Friday, July 8, 2016


We live in an unstable world.
There is nothing in this life that is secure.  The only security we have is not of this world at all! 
The greatest "retaliation" we have for that which happens and has happened is to fall on our knees and cry out until something happens.  GOD WILL RESPOND.

Shock and terror happening again...

too many are the ones who feel the pain?
Perhaps the pain is yet confined to some?

"BUT GOD, we turn to You to have the sum!"

Praying for the loved ones and the friends.

Is this where truest ministry begins?
No!  My prayers must be more than word!
I must embrace them in what has occurred!
And through the arms of God I can embrace.
I do so, as I look into each face.
The very same we must do with each other
whether they be stranger, friend or brother!

God loves you.  Each of you.  I love you.  Because of Jesus in my heart I can love you.  And we can love each other...even if we cannot see eye-to-eye on anything.  We must.  It's the only way we can make it through these unstable times.


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