Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Focus all the more!

Yesterday I wrote about some pleasant 'distractions' that were going on while I was spending time with Jesus.
I noticed today, (and most other days!) that there are plenty of "unpleasant" distractions to keep us from accomplishing the tasks at hand...to interfere with the tasks at hand...or to flat-out prevent us from the tasks at hand!  Truth is, the more we are doing for God, the more those 'distractions' are going to be, and the more 'distracting' they may become!

All day at the calling that
He's placed upon my life.
All day would the enemy
attempt to cause me strife!
All day, however, do I have
His strength inside of me!
Therefore, all throughout the day
be hints of victory!

Headlines in the paper...
channels on tv...
even in between the songs
on radio they be!
Even far away from all,
when I be all alone,
the tactics of the enemy
for they be surely known!

But victory is mine as I
stay focused on the Lord!
As I ignore the imps and rumors
I am sure restored!
It is a thing we all must do
to know His victory-
stand on His Word and be not swayed
by what we hear or see!

Victory is mine!  Victory is yours!  Victory is ours as we set our sights on His will and purposes and not give in to the wiles of the devil.  Such IS possible.  If it were not, He would have told us.

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