Thursday, July 21, 2016

Eternal Matters

Time marches on...
Will it ever come to an end?  No. 
Time as we know it may stop, but eternity will go on and on and on and...
Where will you be for that time?
God has designed a place to spend that time.  A beautiful place.  A perfect place!  Wonderful beyond our very limited imaginings...
But there is a catch.  You must ask Jesus to be Lord and Savior of your life to be in that place.
Can you do that? 
To a lot of people, it is just too much to ask.  What a loss!

"'Even so, come quickly!'
Again, our hearts cry out!
The pain and sufferings of this life
we long to be without!
The promises of Paradise,
o God, we're longing for!
Through our yearnings, You encourage
"Just a few days more!"

So do we press on with that

desire deep within.
We do the task at hand while sharing
Your love with all men!
Trusting, hoping, praying they
will turn their hearts to You;
trusting, KNOWING that Your promises
remain so true!

Pressing on.  Knowing that
The Day, for it is nigh
when that Trumpet will cry out
and You will split the sky,
taking us to Heaven where
no toil or trial be.
O be it true that I have some
to bring along with me!"

Will you be joining me in that Place?  All it takes is calling on Jesus, confessing your sins, and giving your heart to him.  Such surrender is very difficult for some, but it has wonderful benefits here and for all eternity!

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