Monday, July 25, 2016


Even first thing in the morning...

Creations now to capture
as I would capture Him.
As I call out His Name this day
He starts revealing them!
Distracted by the awesome things
that He speaks into being;
I call His Name out all the more
at what this man is seeing!

So many are the "little" things
that catch my sight away:
the hummingbirds in battle mode
so early on this day...
the spider webs that glisten,
manufactured overnight...
the early rays across the sky,
so beautiful and bright!

"Distractions?"  but they're only cause
to praise Him all the more!
They put a smile on my face
and cause my joy to soar!
Making me to sing thanksgiving
to Him in my prayer!
I am so blessed that such "distractions"
would God freely share!

So many are the distractions of the day.  So many there are that would seek to derail us from the calling He has put upon our lives.  There are, however, other 'distractions' that He would make to cause us to pause, reflect and be rejuvenated for the tasks at hand.
What kind of 'distractions' do you focus on?

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