Thursday, July 28, 2016

Busier Day

It started with a phone call a few days ago.
Today, a standard medical procedure turned very serious for my mother.

Off and on the phone
pain is surely known.
I know, though, as I groan
Long before each call,
Jesus knew it all.
He did not panic then-
thus, I have peace within!

I do not like the news that came-
all day to arrive;
but I know God is in control
and mom is still alive!
Even if He chooses,
in His wisdom, otherwise,
I contain peace knowing I
will see her 'yond the skies!

I do not like to think this way,
yet I must be prepared.
Selfishly, I want her healed!
But that is so impaired!
For nothing is too difficult
for Jesus Christ to do.
I cling to promise, yet prepare
for that which may be due.

Mom is not doing good if you look at it through human eyes.  God, however, sees things much differently than we do.
Please join us in prayer for my mother, won't you?
Thank you so much.

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