Monday, July 11, 2016

Blessed rest

Afternoon.  After work.  Before anything else...

Winding down now from a day so brief,

I gaze at lives upon a limb and leaf!
The hummingbirds are frolicking about,
bringing joy that I had hidden out!
They come up to the feeder on the deck,
then fly so high, becoming a mere speck!
So very high and subtle is their speech;
so clearly heard as they come within reach!

So very wonderful these creatures are!
They come so near while staying just afar.
God He joins this man as I enjoy.
Could that hummingbird just be His toy?

What a joy it is to unwind from the day by watching His incredible creation.  Setting all aside, leaving the day behind for awhile to enjoy time THAT IS with Him!
Take a moment to spend with only Him.  It is so worth it.

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