Monday, July 4, 2016

Before the Show

Before the fireworks begin...reflection.
The busyness of business is over for the day.  VERY busy!
Thank God for time to reflect.

Freedom to enjoy the time
the way that I desire-
enjoying independence and
its benefits entire!
Freedom have I for to choose
the what...the when...the where...
because someone defended that right
here and over there!

And God has chosen to allow
those freedoms to live on!
If it were not for His great grace
those freedoms would be gone!
O bow your hearts, America,
your gratitude express;
For due alone His mercy He's
continuing to bless!

Freedom--it is sure because
so many sacrificed!
Freedom--it is truly in
the life of Jesus Christ!
Freedom--not today alone,
but celebrate ye all
the blessings of a nation that
depends upon His Call!

Join me, won't you in reflection upon this life and the blessings of belonging to Jesus Christ--for only in Him is TRUE liberty realized!

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