Sunday, July 24, 2016

Are you afraid?

Have you heard the news yet?
Did you see that doctor's report?
What are we going to do...|

"Fear not."  For once again do come
those words so filled with life!
I must press on in spite of all
the pressures and the strife.
I must press on in Jesus, knowing
victory is nigh!
Healing and provision are
as I seek God Most High!

Fear not, and do not quit before

the healing is complete!
So rife, the opportunities
for to accept defeat.
Press on, however, with the promise
of what is to be!
NEVER QUIT!  But press on 'til
you see the victory!

For greater are the promises

of truth that are alive
than any of the situations
in life that arrive! 

Fear not.  It's not just a command from Jesus, it is a blessed promise that He will be there to get you through whatever might cause you to fear.

What are you afraid of? 
Is it greater than the constant Presence of God?

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