Saturday, July 23, 2016

After the day

After the day I have had, I need peace.
You know those kinds of days, right?
I know where to go to find that peace, it is as close as speaking His Name!

How wonderful is that which causes
trials to lift away...
How wonderful is that which rescues
from "the everyday..."
how wonderful be Him Who is
the Getaway from all:
for He is Jesus Christ and His
great Name is what I call!
He knows I did all I could do
'cause He was there with me;
He knows exactly what I need
for sweet recovery!
He knows, because He knew before
I even faced the day;
therefore He has just what I need
to make it go away!

He knows.  And He will be there when
I need it later on.
He knows, because He stays with me,
for He is NEVER gone!
No matter what the day may hold
I know I will survive,
and I will cling unto His promise
'til I there arrive!

Jesus Christ is Peace.  And He is all you need at the end of a long day.  (And He is all around you through that day!)
Trust Him with me, won't you?

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