Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sweet memories

Cherishing the memories
to which I dearly cling.
The gamut of emotions are,
but, most of all, I sing!
I lost one very briefly, but
I know she does reside!
And as I think about her,
I am so filled with pride!
I am so proud to be her son
containing what she knew...
I am so glad she knew the Lord
and spoke about Him, too!
I am so wealthy due the wisdom
that she would dispense!
And I am secure that Jesus
has her recompense!
And wealthy all the more am I
as memories come flood!
No other such relationship
with any of my blood!
Photographs so beautiful
as God brings them to mind!
I shall treasure my sweet mom
with every breath I find!

As you know, we lost mom this week.  But how can I ever lose someone who dwells so securely in my heart?  I cannot.

It is not "Goodbye, mother." 
It is "See you later, momma!"

Friday, July 29, 2016

Peace at last!

Yesterday was one of the busiest days I have had in my life...and I didn't even leave the house!  I spent a better part of the day on and off the phone with four people.  The most important call came last night as I had the blessing and privilege of telling my mother "I love you" for the last time.

It is now so surreal;
I am so far away.
Distance, though, it disappears
when I bow to pray!
My mother is no longer living
in this dying place;
she's living, though, in countless hearts
due His amazing grace!
And she is living in a Place
where she is not in pain!
No dialysis...
no schedules to maintain!
Her body now is perfect-
she is completely whole;
and I will see her once again
when He receives my soul!

This day--it is so different;
the first in many ways;
the first day of my life without
my mother and her praise;
Her first day of Paradise
for all eternity!
I will join her at His call
and, once more, we will be!

The later yesterday became, the longer it seemed to go on.  I thank God for that.  I'm sure mom was asking God for something else!  However, at about 9:30 last night, she obtained that for which we all strive: to be present with Jesus and completely healed!
I love you, momma,

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Busier Day

It started with a phone call a few days ago.
Today, a standard medical procedure turned very serious for my mother.

Off and on the phone
pain is surely known.
I know, though, as I groan
Long before each call,
Jesus knew it all.
He did not panic then-
thus, I have peace within!

I do not like the news that came-
all day to arrive;
but I know God is in control
and mom is still alive!
Even if He chooses,
in His wisdom, otherwise,
I contain peace knowing I
will see her 'yond the skies!

I do not like to think this way,
yet I must be prepared.
Selfishly, I want her healed!
But that is so impaired!
For nothing is too difficult
for Jesus Christ to do.
I cling to promise, yet prepare
for that which may be due.

Mom is not doing good if you look at it through human eyes.  God, however, sees things much differently than we do.
Please join us in prayer for my mother, won't you?
Thank you so much.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Focus all the more!

Yesterday I wrote about some pleasant 'distractions' that were going on while I was spending time with Jesus.
I noticed today, (and most other days!) that there are plenty of "unpleasant" distractions to keep us from accomplishing the tasks at interfere with the tasks at hand...or to flat-out prevent us from the tasks at hand!  Truth is, the more we are doing for God, the more those 'distractions' are going to be, and the more 'distracting' they may become!

All day at the calling that
He's placed upon my life.
All day would the enemy
attempt to cause me strife!
All day, however, do I have
His strength inside of me!
Therefore, all throughout the day
be hints of victory!

Headlines in the paper...
channels on tv...
even in between the songs
on radio they be!
Even far away from all,
when I be all alone,
the tactics of the enemy
for they be surely known!

But victory is mine as I
stay focused on the Lord!
As I ignore the imps and rumors
I am sure restored!
It is a thing we all must do
to know His victory-
stand on His Word and be not swayed
by what we hear or see!

Victory is mine!  Victory is yours!  Victory is ours as we set our sights on His will and purposes and not give in to the wiles of the devil.  Such IS possible.  If it were not, He would have told us.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Even first thing in the morning...

Creations now to capture
as I would capture Him.
As I call out His Name this day
He starts revealing them!
Distracted by the awesome things
that He speaks into being;
I call His Name out all the more
at what this man is seeing!

So many are the "little" things
that catch my sight away:
the hummingbirds in battle mode
so early on this day...
the spider webs that glisten,
manufactured overnight...
the early rays across the sky,
so beautiful and bright!

"Distractions?"  but they're only cause
to praise Him all the more!
They put a smile on my face
and cause my joy to soar!
Making me to sing thanksgiving
to Him in my prayer!
I am so blessed that such "distractions"
would God freely share!

So many are the distractions of the day.  So many there are that would seek to derail us from the calling He has put upon our lives.  There are, however, other 'distractions' that He would make to cause us to pause, reflect and be rejuvenated for the tasks at hand.
What kind of 'distractions' do you focus on?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Are you afraid?

Have you heard the news yet?
Did you see that doctor's report?
What are we going to do...|

"Fear not."  For once again do come
those words so filled with life!
I must press on in spite of all
the pressures and the strife.
I must press on in Jesus, knowing
victory is nigh!
Healing and provision are
as I seek God Most High!

Fear not, and do not quit before

the healing is complete!
So rife, the opportunities
for to accept defeat.
Press on, however, with the promise
of what is to be!
NEVER QUIT!  But press on 'til
you see the victory!

For greater are the promises

of truth that are alive
than any of the situations
in life that arrive! 

Fear not.  It's not just a command from Jesus, it is a blessed promise that He will be there to get you through whatever might cause you to fear.

What are you afraid of? 
Is it greater than the constant Presence of God?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

After the day

After the day I have had, I need peace.
You know those kinds of days, right?
I know where to go to find that peace, it is as close as speaking His Name!

How wonderful is that which causes
trials to lift away...
How wonderful is that which rescues
from "the everyday..."
how wonderful be Him Who is
the Getaway from all:
for He is Jesus Christ and His
great Name is what I call!
He knows I did all I could do
'cause He was there with me;
He knows exactly what I need
for sweet recovery!
He knows, because He knew before
I even faced the day;
therefore He has just what I need
to make it go away!

He knows.  And He will be there when
I need it later on.
He knows, because He stays with me,
for He is NEVER gone!
No matter what the day may hold
I know I will survive,
and I will cling unto His promise
'til I there arrive!

Jesus Christ is Peace.  And He is all you need at the end of a long day.  (And He is all around you through that day!)
Trust Him with me, won't you?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Eternal Matters

Time marches on...
Will it ever come to an end?  No. 
Time as we know it may stop, but eternity will go on and on and on and...
Where will you be for that time?
God has designed a place to spend that time.  A beautiful place.  A perfect place!  Wonderful beyond our very limited imaginings...
But there is a catch.  You must ask Jesus to be Lord and Savior of your life to be in that place.
Can you do that? 
To a lot of people, it is just too much to ask.  What a loss!

"'Even so, come quickly!'
Again, our hearts cry out!
The pain and sufferings of this life
we long to be without!
The promises of Paradise,
o God, we're longing for!
Through our yearnings, You encourage
"Just a few days more!"

So do we press on with that

desire deep within.
We do the task at hand while sharing
Your love with all men!
Trusting, hoping, praying they
will turn their hearts to You;
trusting, KNOWING that Your promises
remain so true!

Pressing on.  Knowing that
The Day, for it is nigh
when that Trumpet will cry out
and You will split the sky,
taking us to Heaven where
no toil or trial be.
O be it true that I have some
to bring along with me!"

Will you be joining me in that Place?  All it takes is calling on Jesus, confessing your sins, and giving your heart to him.  Such surrender is very difficult for some, but it has wonderful benefits here and for all eternity!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Storm Again

Thunderheads afar...the storm approaches.
Not much to do to prepare for it.  Already put away everything outside. 
Do I set around, therefore, and fret what might come of it?  NO!!  I pull a chair up and discuss the beauty of it forming with God Most High...

The rumble in the distance

from streaks so very brief...
the beauty of formations
almost beyond belief!
The glory of His handiwork
before the very eyes-
how many people take the time
to even recognize?

The danger of a thunderstorm,

namely in these parts.
It strikes a fear and dread inside
so very many hearts!
Oh, but there are others that
the storm would fascinate;
for when it is afar it be
a sight so very great!!

The sights and sounds of weather-

so beautiful, so scary!
Enjoy the sight of it with me,
while yet remaining wary!

Here it comes.  Say a prayer and do your best to press on.  And try to enjoy it!


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mixed Emotions

Evening slow advances...
The heat from the day only added to the wear that work produced.  Even now, at almost 8pm, it is still hot outside!
I CANNOT complain!  For some people have it far worse. 

Hummingbirds are sipping still
the nectar we put out...
the squirrels tease the dogs while
gathering what's thrown about...
so many songs upon the wing
are serenading low
as Jesus and I walk the yard,
this evening, very slow.

So fortunate are we to know
the beauty of the day!
For there are places where such beauty
is not on display.
I pray for them once more, and for
each man, woman and child
that needs embrace from God Most High
because of life gone wild!

Truth is, we are STILL very blessed, no matter how uncomfortable it may get:
God is still in control.
We are still very loved by Him.
Jesus is still on the Throne.
Heaven is still in front of us.
Remember these truths as we pray for so many people that are going through things that some of us could never imagine.
"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus."

Monday, July 18, 2016

In HIS Service...

Serving the Lord.
Some people only see that as quitting everything and going to some destitute location far from home.  Not so.  There is so much service to be done right here.

I haven't seen my neighbor,

I hope that he's alright.
I might go and check on him,
but I don't see a light...

I haven't heard from Mr. Smith

in over a few weeks.
Has anybody checked on him?
Again, the Spirit speaks...

I saw my friend just yesterday

but he was in a hurry.
I wasn't brave enough to tell him
that, sometimes, I worry...

I find such joy when someone says

they're happy when we meet.
I must be sure to do the same
to make THEIR day complete.

In His Service.
There is so much to do for the Lord.  Many people are already doing it.  Many people are already doing it and not even knowing it!
How are you today?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Filling Station

The filling Station.
Where is it for you?  
A church...
The Bible...
on your knees...
The secret place...
all of the above?
So many of those reading this know exactly what I am talking about.  TOO many others are clueless about it!
To them, the "filling station" may be
another bed...
a pack of cigarettes...
a bottle...
a joint...
a gram...
a dime bag...
However, Jesus loves them just as much as He loves us.  In fact, when He looks at "all of us," He sees "them" with the same love, compassion, mercy, grace and hope as He does for "us."
Perhaps if "we" looked at "them" the same way Jesus does, someday we may be together at the same Filling Station.
Perhaps if I stopped pointing my finger and opened up my whole hand?
Or maybe if I gave him a meal instead of trying to give him advice?
It might be as simple as talking WITH them, instead of talking AT or ABOUT them?
How can Love be that simple??

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Simpler things

Another busy day.
Not necessarily tired from the day, but certainly sore and worn out.  I did what I was supposed to do.  To some, it may not have been much, but I know that they got a smile and a warm word at least once today.

Standing in the window
the line--it never ends.
I take some of their money
and, yet, remain we friends!
Some have even told me it's
the highlight of their day--
in a hot line...stuck in a car...
to give their cash away??

I do so with a smile, though,
and joy inside my heart!
I do my best, the love of God,
unto them to impart.
I may not ever know the sum
of what was done or said,
but I can know I did my best
when I lay down my head.

Remember, you may not be world famous for what you do or say, but to the few that you interact with in the day, you may mean the world.

Friday, July 15, 2016

So many distractions!

Focus.  Again.
So many things in this life to STEAL our time and attention. 
Some blame the Internet.  Some blame social media.  Some blame TV.  Truth is, WE have free choice of what to spend that time doing.

Once more to repent.
So very far I went.
But Jesus found me there
with outstretched arms that care.

Jesus loving hand.
He says "I understand."
His eyes say so much more.
I know what I'm here for.

Once more to repent
and go where I am sent!
To go across the street-
that neighbor finally meet.
For he may have a need
for me to intercede.
If not, I'll make a friend
on whom I may depend.

Time is so valuable.  Let us be diligent in making sure that the time we are spending is making a difference in this world.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


It's getting darker.  Clouds are rolling in.  Day is almost done for some of us.  For others, day is only beginning.
I had a list of things to get done today.  I still have that list, as God had other plans...

A day filled with appointments-

most of them Divine!
I don't think I accomplished much,
God says to me "That's fine."
Looking back, thinking of
all that was done and said,
I am so very confident
that I've not any dread!
That which got accomplished,
I could not do on my own.
So many places in my day
was grace and mercy known.
So many times, His providence
and favor got me through!
And, somewhere, there are people knowing
hope and joy anew!

I have a set agenda,

but there is one much higher!
And when I do the one He plans
it feels so good to tire!
That which I dispense--it is
returned to me always;
and greater far is His reward
here in these final days!

Have you already got tomorrow mapped out?  Is there room for God to 'interrupt' your day?  Be open to His moving and you will not only see your duties to fruition, but He will somehow bless your life in ways you never imagined!

He is faithful!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The win-win!

Your day has been hectic...the trial does not appear to have an cannot see the light at the end and you want to run!
I've been there, and I know just the place to run to...

There is a sweet location
where trials can't approach;
there is a place where pain and
suffering cannot encroach;
it is availed at any time
at all throughout the day;
in fact, time as you and I know time-
it has not any sway!

That sweet location, that blessed place
is in the Presence of
Jesus Christ, God the Father-
there abides pure love!
There is lone escape from trials
and the pains of living-
He has exactly what you need,
and He is freely giving!

There are no works that warrant your
admittance to that Place,
for you must only call His Name-
He transports you by grace!
Peace and calm and comfort, yes,
and healing to each part!
O call on God!  He so desires
abode inside YOUR heart!

That wonderful escape--retreat from the cares of life.  Do the trials disappear?  Sometimes.  But He also gives you tools and training to face those trials while you are in His Presence.  Do the trials disappear then?  No, for then you can overcome them!!  It's a win-win with Him inside your heart!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Blessed rest

Afternoon.  After work.  Before anything else...

Winding down now from a day so brief,

I gaze at lives upon a limb and leaf!
The hummingbirds are frolicking about,
bringing joy that I had hidden out!
They come up to the feeder on the deck,
then fly so high, becoming a mere speck!
So very high and subtle is their speech;
so clearly heard as they come within reach!

So very wonderful these creatures are!
They come so near while staying just afar.
God He joins this man as I enjoy.
Could that hummingbird just be His toy?

What a joy it is to unwind from the day by watching His incredible creation.  Setting all aside, leaving the day behind for awhile to enjoy time THAT IS with Him!
Take a moment to spend with only Him.  It is so worth it.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Keep Praising Him!

The more that you worship and praise God, the more the enemy will try and defeat you.  Period.  The enemy is not really concerned with those who are not yet saved, as he already has those.  He's after God's possessions!

I do not understand again!
I need a place to vent.
I need You, Father God Most High,
as, through this, Lord, You went.
You see beyond this trial and
You know, Lord, its release;

I need Your strong embrace, oh Lord,
I need Your perfect peace!

I may not understand at all,
but, to You will I cling.
In spite of what has happened, Lord,
You are my Everything.
Your embrace--such comfort...
Your words--that healing balm;
I understand that, through this, I can
rest inside Your calm.

Though it be true that the enemy may be after you, DON'T GIVE UP!  I know it hurts....I know it's oppressive...I know it's confusing...but I also know God, and He is right there beside you!  EMBRACE HIM!!  He may not cause the trials to stop, but He will CERTAINLY escort you through them!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

God be Praised!

Glory to God.
Praise the Lord!
God Most High--He is worthy to be praised!

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!
God--He is alive!
Praise His Name--His mighty Presence
surely will arrive!
He is worthy...He is holy...
there is none like Him!
Praise His name forever, for
His Light will NEVER dim!!

Praise His Name forever, all ye
saints that are His Own!
Join the choir, that composed
of every life that's known!
For He created ALL to worship
Him and Him alone!
Praise His Name and you will be
transported to His throne!

God Most High--there be none other
loving and so kind!
Grab His hand and He will see
you're NEVER left behind!
No status be there at the Throne,
for equal, every man!
Sing praises to Almighty God
as often as you can!!

Worship Him with us, won't you?  For He loves you, He created you, He even died for you so that you may live with Him forever!!

Friday, July 8, 2016


We live in an unstable world.
There is nothing in this life that is secure.  The only security we have is not of this world at all! 
The greatest "retaliation" we have for that which happens and has happened is to fall on our knees and cry out until something happens.  GOD WILL RESPOND.

Shock and terror happening again...

too many are the ones who feel the pain?
Perhaps the pain is yet confined to some?

"BUT GOD, we turn to You to have the sum!"

Praying for the loved ones and the friends.

Is this where truest ministry begins?
No!  My prayers must be more than word!
I must embrace them in what has occurred!
And through the arms of God I can embrace.
I do so, as I look into each face.
The very same we must do with each other
whether they be stranger, friend or brother!

God loves you.  Each of you.  I love you.  Because of Jesus in my heart I can love you.  And we can love each other...even if we cannot see eye-to-eye on anything.  We must.  It's the only way we can make it through these unstable times.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Off Again

God is so good.
I have prayed for many people today as they expressed painful and difficult situations, and as I look back on them, my heart yet cries out "God is so good!"

"You are so very good to us,
my Father and my Friend!
The love and mercy You contain
shall never know an end.
This life, for it is temporary,
You, oh Lord, are not;
and neither are the many blessings
that Your store has got!

You are so very good to us,
no matter what's ahead.
We cling to You, obeying You,
thus, safely, we are led!
Even, Lord, our family,
You lead and You direct
that there be many victories
on which we may reflect!"

Our daughter leaves in the morning for her next assignment.  This time, she won't just be a 12-hr drive from home that she will be able to take monthly.  She is several states away and probably won't return for 4+ months.  God has blessed her with some incredible talents which she will now share with another hospital.  Though we will be without her for a longer period of time, we still declare
I pray that you can declare the same with all that you are going through.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

He is!

The Lord...HE IS!
He is what?  He is my everything:

The Lord, He is my refuge,

and I'm a refugee.
I ask of Him asylum,
it is granted unto me.
A hiding place from this life,
a shelter from the storm;
His arms keep me secure and safe,
His love, it keeps me warm. 

The Lord, He is the Healer
of my ailing soul.
He reaches out with His sweet love
and makes my body whole.
A balm unto my every ache,
the Mender of my pain;
if it were not so real to me
then how could I explain?

The Lord, He's my Assurance,
and I'm a dying man.
He shows me life beyond my own 
as not another can;
with victory, eternally,
and peace beyond degree!
For treasures there have I that I,
with human eyes, can't see!

The Lord, He's my Salvation,

and I'm a sinner lost.
He offers me eternal life,
He fully paid the cost!
And it is offered unto you,
so priceless yet so free---
let it not be an offer that
you pass off carelessly.

And let Him be yours, as well!  He is ALL you will ever need.  He HAS all you will ever need.  He even supplies some of our wants. 

Call on Him.  Trust Him.  Enjoy Him.  JESUS THE LORD!!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Before the Show

Before the fireworks begin...reflection.
The busyness of business is over for the day.  VERY busy!
Thank God for time to reflect.

Freedom to enjoy the time
the way that I desire-
enjoying independence and
its benefits entire!
Freedom have I for to choose
the what...the when...the where...
because someone defended that right
here and over there!

And God has chosen to allow
those freedoms to live on!
If it were not for His great grace
those freedoms would be gone!
O bow your hearts, America,
your gratitude express;
For due alone His mercy He's
continuing to bless!

Freedom--it is sure because
so many sacrificed!
Freedom--it is truly in
the life of Jesus Christ!
Freedom--not today alone,
but celebrate ye all
the blessings of a nation that
depends upon His Call!

Join me, won't you in reflection upon this life and the blessings of belonging to Jesus Christ--for only in Him is TRUE liberty realized!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Cost

Independence Day.
We owe so much to so many.  Independence is very expensive.  It was back then, it continues to be today.
Because we can be at liberty to celebrate with our friends and family, means that somebody, somewhere is away from their family, perhaps alone, and NOT celebrating...

Thank You for the ones that pay
a price that we cannot.
Someone, somewhere around the world
is in an unsafe spot.
They knew about the perils, yet
they signed up anyway;
the very least that we can do
for them is bow and pray!

While we look at the fireworks,
they may see mortar rounds...
while we listen to the show,
they hear more chilling sounds...
while we enjoy the freedom sounds,
they may be hearing screams...
the liberty that we enjoy
may only be their dreams.

"Lord, thank You for the ones who give,
for some of them give all
in being so obedient
unto this nation's call.
O bless them, rest them, bring them home
until ALL foes disarm;
and let them know how grateful we
that they have faced such harm!"

As we celebrate our freedom in the days that are, let us not forget to pray for those abroad seeing to it that we celebrate freely.  God bless them, protect them and bring them back home.

Saturday, July 2, 2016


That Secret Place.
So wonderful it is to escape there, but even more wonderful is His Presence there and the treasures He distributes...

"I declare Your mighty Name, oh Lord,
to any and to all!
So very wealthy be the ones
responding to Your Call!
Too many see Your treasures, though,
as tangible and rare,
but Lord, so very precious are
the very words You share!
You speak, Lord, as I come to You.
You call me out by name;
You walk with me and talk with me,
You set my heart aflame!
The wisdom that You share is more
than metals, more than jewels;
I can take the words You give
and turn them into tools!

I fear You with a wonder that
belongs to no one here.
Everything about You, Lord,
I value and revere!
I will declare Your Mighty Name
as long as I have breath!
And since You live inside my heart,
just once shall I know death!"

What precious, living promises!  Obtained in that Secret Place that only He creates.  It may be a different locale for each person, but you will know it when you find it, and God will be waiting for you there with that which only HE provides!

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Secret Place

I've got to get to that secret place!
I must leave all of this behind for a moment and go to that place where I get restored!
I know Who waits there...

I've done what was assigned to me,

I went where I was told.
I know not what may come of it,
as people can be cold.
I know, however, that He's pleased
with what was said and done;
He meets me in that place and says
"Come.  Enter in, my son."

How wonderful, that secret place,

that temporary flight!
His Presence overwhelms me there,
and I take great delight!
We walk and talk together as
He gives to me that rest-
that which only He supplies-
it is the very best!

In the secret place

here receiving grace
here to be restored
by Jesus Christ, my Lord!

That secret place.  It is a very necessary location.  Yes, we are called to be salt and light where we are and where He calls us, but there is a place apart from that where He restores us.
Have you found that place yet?