Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wonderful there!

There is a plethora of ideas of what it might be like.  You have your ideas and desires...I have mine...they have theirs...
I usually hear "I'll be glad when we get to Heaven so that we no longer have to put up with ___________!
Heaven is not our escape from such, it is our reward for serving God!
What do YOU expect?

"O Father, thank You so much for
the promise of that Land.
I cannot fathom that Hereafter
You have made by hand!
The trials of this place be absent
there where You reside,
but Father, most of all I want
to live there at Your side!

So many are the promises
alive inside Your Word...
so many are the stories of
that storied Place we've heard...
so much about the treasuries
awaiting for Your own,
but God, it is Your glory Presence
I desire be known!

The gems and precious metals--
You made them anyway!
Inside a home on Golden Street
I will not always stay!
I want to be before You, Lord,
in praise and adoration!
You alone have such a worth,
deserving celebration!"

How about you?

What are your expectations?

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