Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wonderful here!

The joy of the Lord.
God is so good.  Yes, there is that glorious hope to which we cling that Jesus is coming again, and we are going to spend eternity in Paradise!  But what about until then...

Walking every moment with our Savior.

Going through this living day-by-day.
Life--it happens at its speed, (with speed-bumps!)
a lot of it's enjoyable, I say!
There is a lot that we cannot imagine;
Heaven--for we cannot grasp its scope!
We CAN enjoy the day-to-day until then,
all while clinging to that Blessed Hope!

So thankful for the life He is providing.

Jesus, Jesus, all of this, provides!
As I am fully trusting in His Presence,
I find it's not so often that He hides!
His Presence, it is glorious and subtle;
it's there, and it is just a breath away!
Call upon the Name of Jesus early
and enjoy Him all throughout the day!

The day may contain things that are not enjoyable.  The day WILL contain things that are not so enjoyable, but God is right beside you, right INside you, to get you through it.  Know this, and you will be able go through it without losing That Joy, and so abide unto That Day.


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