Sunday, June 12, 2016


In the wilderness.
In the wilderness I'm not alone.

In the desolation,
the Spirit is alive!
It matters not how barren,
He will help us arrive!
The wilderness--so necessary
for this life's completion;
and, with the Lord alive within,
there will be no depletion!!

In the wilderness-
much opportune to groan.
One thing, however, I can't say
is that I'm alone!
He leads me and He guides me here,
He guards me here, as well,
until I understand the things,
to my heart, He will tell.

Is there wilderness?
Of course!  He tells us so!
But He ASSURES us that, alone,
we do not have to go!

If you find yourself in a wilderness, remember that God is right there and He has your steps ordered.  Keep going.  Do not give up.  Lean harder into Jesus and His strength and His Spirit will get you through it.

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