Thursday, June 16, 2016


Standing on the crest of a mountain, taking a welcome break from the drive. 
God Most High stands beside me as I reflect on the things that have transpired...

Conversing with Him as the eyes

across creation span...
taking in the glories that
cannot be made by man...
being soothed by what is seen
and what He says to me
as we discuss the days that are
and the events that be.
God--He is so very good
and always understands.
I tell Him what affects us as
He holds me in His hands!
He says the more that I behold
the less I'll understand,
and the more that I must trust Him,
clinging to His hand.
He assures me He's aware
of all that going on.
He also says it will not cease
until this life is gone.
Yet He is reassuring as
He says He's in control.
and great is such assurance, as
my eyes continue stroll.

Life gangs up on you.  Sometimes it is "in your face," more often, though, it is subtle.  Find that quiet place that only you and God know about, spend time with Him and He WILL restore you!

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