Wednesday, June 29, 2016


How often do we fail to obtain what God has for us because we quit seeking?
How often do we fail to let go of "better" so that we can grab hold of God's "best?"

"How often have I turned my head
at what You're handing me,
because it wasn't what I thought
it was supposed to be?
O God, You have so much for us,
so excellent, indeed;
yet we settle for the first thing
that we feel we need.

Help us to repent of that,
and also to repent
from seeking satisfaction for
our vision and our bent!
Teach us, great and mighty God,
to want what's in YOUR heart,
and, from desires of this world,
o Lord, set us apart!

I am a very spoiled man;
a glutton, Lord, for 'things!'
Very brief, Lord, is the
satisfaction that such brings.
But that which YOU provide, O God,
it lasts so very long.
Cause me to want and crave the 'things'
that, unto You, belong."

A very spoiled man.
Am I alone?  I doubt it.
Join me in seeking more of God and less of this world.

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