Tuesday, June 7, 2016


"Thank You, Lord, for the rest from work, and another opportunity to see the glory of Your handiwork!"

Across the afternoon--
how far the eyes to go?

How many layers are the clouds?
How high do they go?

Salt and pepper in between
the blue that has no end...
the sky--it is eternal,
just like my closest Friend!
Eternal only in the height
and depth and breadth of such...
eternal in the glory and
the wonder of God's touch!
For it will be replaced anew
when He gives that command;
until then, it be yet a canvas
for His mighty hand!

And my closest Friend,
Creator of the sky,
enjoys the sight right here beside;
converse we, He and I.
So much wonder in the words
that He and I exchange...
so much love in God Creator
Whose ways never change!

Driving a highway that doesn't turn.  Mile after mile...into the horizon.  But the location changes...and the pillows that He paints across the sky are never the same!
America the Beautiful?
How about "Creation the Beautiful!"
Better yet "Creator The Beautiful!!"

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