Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Reading the morning paper...Watching the nightly news...realizing that we are closer to the end that anyone would even think, makes one also realize that we are

eeding Jesus more than ever
in this fading place...
needing Him and His great Presence
guaranteeing grace!
Seeing what is happening,
knowing grace abounds,
one is sure the end is near
by the sights and sounds!

echoes through the ages!
Kept alive with surety
there in those hallowed pages!
O, but til that day is present
love must be a force,
and His chosen MUST dispense it
for to stay the course!

Of a truth, His love and grace

abundantly exist!
Love and Grace's ways, however,
some have sorely missed!
Needing Him to right our hearts
and steer us by The Spirit--
it is a very certain voice,
but how many will hear it?

What if "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?" was the actual cry of our hearts and not just a bumper sticker?  What kind of world would it be then?


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