Thursday, June 30, 2016

Late Again!

Late again.
These words we written early this morning.  I am sending them out only now.  Only excuses!  It shows just how easily we can become busy and put aside His ministry until we get our own agenda done.

The plants are not yet moving,
but clothed in grand array!
The trees are reaching skyward as
they stretch and yawn today;
then waters of the rivers run
and sing and dance about
as God Creator walks the morning
on His glory route!

As He travels without leaving
birds--they harmonize!
Reciting notes so glorious
in trees and in the skies;
reminding man to sing, also,
in Presence of His grace...
reminding that, in this day, there is
nothing we can't face!

All of living comes to life
as morning comes to be;
all of life begins to move--
o what a sight to see!
And all of it to be, as God
creates a living song
reminding all, but yet again,
that, to Him, we belong!

Sing it with all joy KNOWING that God Creator is real and loves you so much! 
Don't let anything hinder you from reaching out and embracing Him today!

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