Sunday, June 26, 2016


A world out of control?  So it seems.  But I know that

Jesus is The Answer
to any and to all!
Just give your everything to Him
by answering His Call.
It sounds so very simple,
yet difficult to most.
By giving everything to Him,
in ONLY Him you boast!

"O God, You are The Answer
and have been for all time!
Today is no surprise to You-
the reason and the rhyme!
Tomorrow is already settled
because You are God--
THE Answer to all everything!
All living to applaud!"

O Jesus is your Answer;
but call upon His Name!
Open up your heart to Him--
His victories to claim!
Whatever your necessity,
(and even your desire!)
live for Him and He will fill
your heart in its entire!

The world continues to go on. 
Life continues to deal its hand at will.
Does that leave us at the mercy of it?  Absolutely not!  Not if we give our hearts to Jesus!  Yes, life will happen, BUT GOD is in control and will have you in His arms through it all.

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