Saturday, June 11, 2016

Greater Ways

In His holy Word.
Going verse-by-verse through the psalms.  Realizing and recognizing songs that yet exude with life.  Finding verses that have become sayings that society has used over the years, as men have tweaked them just enough to leave God out.

O God, Your Word is yet alive,
and not just when I read!
Life, itself, it happens and
we see You intercede!
So many seek to make you "gone"
or prove that You are not,
You're greater than they are, o God,
and thus they come to naught!

Your Word, THE Word, and so alive
inside the heart to dwell.
We cry out for revival, Lord,
that ALL men, they would tell
about the wonders of You and
Your great reality;
every chapter, every verse,
each word for such as we!

How fascinating: a society that is trying to eradicate all mentioning of Jesus, while doing and saying His words without even knowing it!
God's ways are not our ways.  THEY ARE GREATER!

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