Friday, June 10, 2016

Faithful laws

Sowing and reaping.
The laws of it are not only incredible, but they are powerful, as well.

A law so very simple,

yet some will never learn:
I give away so very little,
so much comes in return!
And then I give away some more,
or do a timely deed,
then comes His blessing on each wave!
Yes, I am blessed, indeed!

The quicker that I give away,

the faster it returns!
Too, my very expectations
He so often spurns
and gives me far beyond what I
could imagine ever!
The Father and His living ways-
so perfect...timely...clever!

I must release my hand if I

want Him to fill it up.
And when I do, I must go back
and get a bigger cup!
So engrained be His provision
that it's no concern;
He's faithful, He is generous
so quickly I to learn!

But you cannot afford to give?  You cannot afford NOT to give!!  God Most High owns it all anyway!  Surely He is faithful to replace what you give...often with something better!

Try Him and see.

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