Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another first

That peaceful place.
I know where to find it.
I know WHEN to find it!

In the early early once again.
The glory of His Presence to obtain.
I know that I can find Him any time,
but first thing in the early is so prime!

Before is come the bustle of the day
I be with Him, the Truth, the Life, the Way!
His Presence is to energize this man
as He assures that, with His help, I CAN!

But even 'fore assurances to be,
in the silence He just visits me.
No words at all be necessary there.
His Presence, it suffices EVERYWHERE!

Early, early--o what perfect place;
walking with my Jesus in His grace.
Knowing it is not for all day long,
I savor it in silence, word and song!

That peaceful place.
Find it before you begin your day.  I promise that your day will go better, and you will be the better for it every time!

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