Thursday, June 30, 2016

Late Again!

Late again.
These words we written early this morning.  I am sending them out only now.  Only excuses!  It shows just how easily we can become busy and put aside His ministry until we get our own agenda done.

The plants are not yet moving,
but clothed in grand array!
The trees are reaching skyward as
they stretch and yawn today;
then waters of the rivers run
and sing and dance about
as God Creator walks the morning
on His glory route!

As He travels without leaving
birds--they harmonize!
Reciting notes so glorious
in trees and in the skies;
reminding man to sing, also,
in Presence of His grace...
reminding that, in this day, there is
nothing we can't face!

All of living comes to life
as morning comes to be;
all of life begins to move--
o what a sight to see!
And all of it to be, as God
creates a living song
reminding all, but yet again,
that, to Him, we belong!

Sing it with all joy KNOWING that God Creator is real and loves you so much! 
Don't let anything hinder you from reaching out and embracing Him today!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


How often do we fail to obtain what God has for us because we quit seeking?
How often do we fail to let go of "better" so that we can grab hold of God's "best?"

"How often have I turned my head
at what You're handing me,
because it wasn't what I thought
it was supposed to be?
O God, You have so much for us,
so excellent, indeed;
yet we settle for the first thing
that we feel we need.

Help us to repent of that,
and also to repent
from seeking satisfaction for
our vision and our bent!
Teach us, great and mighty God,
to want what's in YOUR heart,
and, from desires of this world,
o Lord, set us apart!

I am a very spoiled man;
a glutton, Lord, for 'things!'
Very brief, Lord, is the
satisfaction that such brings.
But that which YOU provide, O God,
it lasts so very long.
Cause me to want and crave the 'things'
that, unto You, belong."

A very spoiled man.
Am I alone?  I doubt it.
Join me in seeking more of God and less of this world.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This Morning

Finally...time to send out what was written 12 hours ago:

The only noise this morning is
the distant interstate
and the songs upon the wing--
so great!
Summer is in blossom and
so evident in view.
Before the temp gets out of hand
the writer savors hue!

Counting colors with the One
Who fashions every shade.
Before was even time itself,
their details each were made!
He shares them all with me as He
shares time that will not end.
How memorable is morning with
my Savior, Brother, Friend!

In the cool of morning, God comes and spends time with me.  He not only shares His creation, He also discusses the day with me.  That day goes so much better when I make Him the first part of it!

Monday, June 27, 2016


"If My people will humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land."
2 Chr. 7:14

The Word of God.

The Power of the Word of God...for only America?  NO WAY!!

We are so very blessed to live

in freedom and in grace.
We are so wealthy just to live
in such a beautiful place.
We are so very fortunate
to pray "IN JESUS' NAME!"
O thank God for America-
His ways to freely claim!

Red and yellow, black and white-

we praise His Name together!
We get along, although, between us,
be all sorts of weather!
Yea, though storms arise amidst,
together we remain,
and pray that such continue through
that living, crimson stain!

America, America,

o turn your heart to Him!
He has seen us through so much,
and His Light WILL NOT DIM!
O pledge allegiance to His Name
and to His holy Word!
Peace that passes understanding
then to be occurred!

We are so blessed to be here in America.  Does that make us better than the rest of the world?  No way!  That should, however, make us all the more humble and grateful to live in a place that He chooses to bless so abundantly, and may it drive us to our knees for all of those places and peoples who do not know such liberty and such freedom!  They are more close and more numerous than we can imagine.


Sunday, June 26, 2016


A world out of control?  So it seems.  But I know that

Jesus is The Answer
to any and to all!
Just give your everything to Him
by answering His Call.
It sounds so very simple,
yet difficult to most.
By giving everything to Him,
in ONLY Him you boast!

"O God, You are The Answer
and have been for all time!
Today is no surprise to You-
the reason and the rhyme!
Tomorrow is already settled
because You are God--
THE Answer to all everything!
All living to applaud!"

O Jesus is your Answer;
but call upon His Name!
Open up your heart to Him--
His victories to claim!
Whatever your necessity,
(and even your desire!)
live for Him and He will fill
your heart in its entire!

The world continues to go on. 
Life continues to deal its hand at will.
Does that leave us at the mercy of it?  Absolutely not!  Not if we give our hearts to Jesus!  Yes, life will happen, BUT GOD is in control and will have you in His arms through it all.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wonderful here!

The joy of the Lord.
God is so good.  Yes, there is that glorious hope to which we cling that Jesus is coming again, and we are going to spend eternity in Paradise!  But what about until then...

Walking every moment with our Savior.

Going through this living day-by-day.
Life--it happens at its speed, (with speed-bumps!)
a lot of it's enjoyable, I say!
There is a lot that we cannot imagine;
Heaven--for we cannot grasp its scope!
We CAN enjoy the day-to-day until then,
all while clinging to that Blessed Hope!

So thankful for the life He is providing.

Jesus, Jesus, all of this, provides!
As I am fully trusting in His Presence,
I find it's not so often that He hides!
His Presence, it is glorious and subtle;
it's there, and it is just a breath away!
Call upon the Name of Jesus early
and enjoy Him all throughout the day!

The day may contain things that are not enjoyable.  The day WILL contain things that are not so enjoyable, but God is right beside you, right INside you, to get you through it.  Know this, and you will be able go through it without losing That Joy, and so abide unto That Day.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wonderful there!

There is a plethora of ideas of what it might be like.  You have your ideas and desires...I have mine...they have theirs...
I usually hear "I'll be glad when we get to Heaven so that we no longer have to put up with ___________!
Heaven is not our escape from such, it is our reward for serving God!
What do YOU expect?

"O Father, thank You so much for
the promise of that Land.
I cannot fathom that Hereafter
You have made by hand!
The trials of this place be absent
there where You reside,
but Father, most of all I want
to live there at Your side!

So many are the promises
alive inside Your Word...
so many are the stories of
that storied Place we've heard...
so much about the treasuries
awaiting for Your own,
but God, it is Your glory Presence
I desire be known!

The gems and precious metals--
You made them anyway!
Inside a home on Golden Street
I will not always stay!
I want to be before You, Lord,
in praise and adoration!
You alone have such a worth,
deserving celebration!"

How about you?

What are your expectations?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another first

That peaceful place.
I know where to find it.
I know WHEN to find it!

In the early early once again.
The glory of His Presence to obtain.
I know that I can find Him any time,
but first thing in the early is so prime!

Before is come the bustle of the day
I be with Him, the Truth, the Life, the Way!
His Presence is to energize this man
as He assures that, with His help, I CAN!

But even 'fore assurances to be,
in the silence He just visits me.
No words at all be necessary there.
His Presence, it suffices EVERYWHERE!

Early, early--o what perfect place;
walking with my Jesus in His grace.
Knowing it is not for all day long,
I savor it in silence, word and song!

That peaceful place.
Find it before you begin your day.  I promise that your day will go better, and you will be the better for it every time!

Friday, June 17, 2016

There is Peace

There is peace.  It is found in the most unexpected places.
There is Peace.  He is found in the most expected place.
Where are you trying to find peace?

I know peace that very few men understand.
I know Peace and He contains me in His hand.
He protects me, causing peace to be;
He corrects me that, peace, I will see.
I know Peace...and Jesus Christ is His Name.
I know's but one reason that He came.
The Prince of Peace I've come to truly know-
and that has caused great peace within to grow!

There IS peace.  It doesn't seem like it in this world...but it is a world that He created!  Seek that Peace...know that that Peace...and peace will escort you all throughout the day!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Standing on the crest of a mountain, taking a welcome break from the drive. 
God Most High stands beside me as I reflect on the things that have transpired...

Conversing with Him as the eyes

across creation span...
taking in the glories that
cannot be made by man...
being soothed by what is seen
and what He says to me
as we discuss the days that are
and the events that be.
God--He is so very good
and always understands.
I tell Him what affects us as
He holds me in His hands!
He says the more that I behold
the less I'll understand,
and the more that I must trust Him,
clinging to His hand.
He assures me He's aware
of all that going on.
He also says it will not cease
until this life is gone.
Yet He is reassuring as
He says He's in control.
and great is such assurance, as
my eyes continue stroll.

Life gangs up on you.  Sometimes it is "in your face," more often, though, it is subtle.  Find that quiet place that only you and God know about, spend time with Him and He WILL restore you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Reading the morning paper...Watching the nightly news...realizing that we are closer to the end that anyone would even think, makes one also realize that we are

eeding Jesus more than ever
in this fading place...
needing Him and His great Presence
guaranteeing grace!
Seeing what is happening,
knowing grace abounds,
one is sure the end is near
by the sights and sounds!

echoes through the ages!
Kept alive with surety
there in those hallowed pages!
O, but til that day is present
love must be a force,
and His chosen MUST dispense it
for to stay the course!

Of a truth, His love and grace

abundantly exist!
Love and Grace's ways, however,
some have sorely missed!
Needing Him to right our hearts
and steer us by The Spirit--
it is a very certain voice,
but how many will hear it?

What if "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?" was the actual cry of our hearts and not just a bumper sticker?  What kind of world would it be then?


Monday, June 13, 2016


I have to reach my brother.
I do not know him well.
Will he join me in Heaven?
Only One will tell.
But why is that my first concern?
Right now he may have need!
I need the heart of God if I
may rightly intercede.

Yes, he is my brother;
I may have what he lacks.
He may only want a friend
with whom he may relax.
I must be that friend because
my Friend has told me to.
Am I the friend you're looking for...
Am I looking for you...

Every one of us is fighting a battle.  No one is immune.  You need me as much as I need you, and we both need Jesus!
Let's go to Him together!8106

Sunday, June 12, 2016


In the wilderness.
In the wilderness I'm not alone.

In the desolation,
the Spirit is alive!
It matters not how barren,
He will help us arrive!
The wilderness--so necessary
for this life's completion;
and, with the Lord alive within,
there will be no depletion!!

In the wilderness-
much opportune to groan.
One thing, however, I can't say
is that I'm alone!
He leads me and He guides me here,
He guards me here, as well,
until I understand the things,
to my heart, He will tell.

Is there wilderness?
Of course!  He tells us so!
But He ASSURES us that, alone,
we do not have to go!

If you find yourself in a wilderness, remember that God is right there and He has your steps ordered.  Keep going.  Do not give up.  Lean harder into Jesus and His strength and His Spirit will get you through it.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Greater Ways

In His holy Word.
Going verse-by-verse through the psalms.  Realizing and recognizing songs that yet exude with life.  Finding verses that have become sayings that society has used over the years, as men have tweaked them just enough to leave God out.

O God, Your Word is yet alive,
and not just when I read!
Life, itself, it happens and
we see You intercede!
So many seek to make you "gone"
or prove that You are not,
You're greater than they are, o God,
and thus they come to naught!

Your Word, THE Word, and so alive
inside the heart to dwell.
We cry out for revival, Lord,
that ALL men, they would tell
about the wonders of You and
Your great reality;
every chapter, every verse,
each word for such as we!

How fascinating: a society that is trying to eradicate all mentioning of Jesus, while doing and saying His words without even knowing it!
God's ways are not our ways.  THEY ARE GREATER!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Faithful laws

Sowing and reaping.
The laws of it are not only incredible, but they are powerful, as well.

A law so very simple,

yet some will never learn:
I give away so very little,
so much comes in return!
And then I give away some more,
or do a timely deed,
then comes His blessing on each wave!
Yes, I am blessed, indeed!

The quicker that I give away,

the faster it returns!
Too, my very expectations
He so often spurns
and gives me far beyond what I
could imagine ever!
The Father and His living ways-
so perfect...timely...clever!

I must release my hand if I

want Him to fill it up.
And when I do, I must go back
and get a bigger cup!
So engrained be His provision
that it's no concern;
He's faithful, He is generous
so quickly I to learn!

But you cannot afford to give?  You cannot afford NOT to give!!  God Most High owns it all anyway!  Surely He is faithful to replace what you give...often with something better!

Try Him and see.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Faithful Hearts

So much said about me--
the heart severely cries.

That one that seems to "work too much..."
who has so long a day,
may work so many hours just
to give it all away...

That lady on that "risky" show,
she's merely in an act;
she spends her spare time with disabled,
seeing to their pact...

So much is said about me.
How much of it is true?
You will not know until you know me
and let me know you.

So much that we see these days is only surface.
I write this because I see so many being judged and condemned for ministering and reaching out, and reaching into areas that are not so "glamorous."
Let us be immediate to love, quick to help, sure to forgive and slow to judge.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


"Thank You, Lord, for the rest from work, and another opportunity to see the glory of Your handiwork!"

Across the afternoon--
how far the eyes to go?

How many layers are the clouds?
How high do they go?

Salt and pepper in between
the blue that has no end...
the sky--it is eternal,
just like my closest Friend!
Eternal only in the height
and depth and breadth of such...
eternal in the glory and
the wonder of God's touch!
For it will be replaced anew
when He gives that command;
until then, it be yet a canvas
for His mighty hand!

And my closest Friend,
Creator of the sky,
enjoys the sight right here beside;
converse we, He and I.
So much wonder in the words
that He and I exchange...
so much love in God Creator
Whose ways never change!

Driving a highway that doesn't turn.  Mile after mile...into the horizon.  But the location changes...and the pillows that He paints across the sky are never the same!
America the Beautiful?
How about "Creation the Beautiful!"
Better yet "Creator The Beautiful!!"